Among all breast surgeries, Breast Augmentation is the most complex one. It is also the one that satisfies the patients most. That’s why most of the patient’s regret not having the operation before.

The symbol of femininity and motherhood, breast has a very important place in women’s life. Every women wants to have a good looking breast. The effect of having an aesthetically pleasing breast can’t be argued. A woman with small breasts may feel sad about her appearance, have trouble finding fitting or matching clothes with the lower part of her body. This sadness may turn into feeling incompetent and incomplete.

Reasons may be genetic or hormonal and this leads to a missing part in the woman’s sexual character.

Breast augmentation is suggested in the following cases:

Youth congenital breast hypoplasia: Lack of breast development. This may have varying degrees, from complete aplasia (no breast tissue) to light faults volume.

Mammary hypoplasia: Failure of the glands to develop. It is also usually extended to include those udders or individual quarters that do not undergo reconstitution after regression during a dry period.

Breast asymmetry: There is a lack of development in one breast, the other being normal or hypertrophic size.

Postpartum breast atrophy: Some degree of atrophy is physiological and virtually all women has it after pregnancy, coupled with some degree of falling or sagging breasts. In this case, breasts lose much of their volume, which can be solved with breast augmentation, in other words “breast implants”.

Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction: You can reconstruct the shape and volume after a mastectomy using the same prosthesis used in breast augmentation surgery.

Purely aesthetic reason: You may have normal breast sizes and breast shapes. Even so breast augmentation surgery can be beneficiary. Breast implants can still be used increase the volume or to achieve a desired shape.

The operation is done by putting an implant with a suitable volume to a prepared space under the breast tissue. By doing this, the patient attains the desired size, shape, and symmetry. In breast augmentation surgeries; choice of type and size of the implants is crucial. So we would strongly advise you to get an initial assessment by the Welfare Abroad surgeons’. Learn about their suggested treatment plans. This is the only way to get the best result in all aspects.

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