A Comprehensive Glimpse about FUE Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey during 2019

A Follicular unit extraction or FUE is an efficient and healthy hair transplant procedure. Many people consider this surgery as scar-less method due to the small punch used for harvesting the hair grafts. The punch size is chosen considering the thickness of the hair follicles but in most cases, it has 0.9mm diameter.

As you can see each FUE transplant procedure is unique to meet the unique needs of a patient. There are some who need minor correction on their hairline while some require significant restoration. The ultimate cost of the FUE hair transplant in Turkey depends on the scope of this procedure that the patient will have to undergo. There are some doctors who offer this procedure and who charge their patient according to the quantity of required grafts.

Whereas Welfare Abroad prefers charging per session, and Welfare Abroad hair specialists are able to extract/plant up to 5,000 grafts in one session as long as the patient needs that much and the donor area is strong enough to support this amount.

Estimated FUE Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

There are lots of people who want to undergo FUE hair transplant procedures but are somehow hesitant because they do not know the exact amount of money they will have to spend in this type of procedure. As per the estimated cost of FUE hair transplant procedure in the place, it ranges between GBP 1,250 up to GBP 5,000. This is already affordable than with other countries that also offer the same procedure and the results are World Class which is also proven by the popularity of Turkey for hair transplant.

How to Save Money from FUE Hair Transplant Procedure?

Are you one of those people who really want to undergo FUE hair transplant procedure yet have no enough of money to pay the doctor? Well, no need to worry since one of the best things you can do is to undergo such procedure without any issue on finances. It is best to discuss more about the FUE hair transplant cost Turkey ahead of time. Welfare Abroad conducts periodic campaigns at a discounted price and give the patients from abroad a chance to fix this special price for one year time via pre-booking.

Welfare Abroad hair specialist will ask for your head photos to make an initial assessment and provide a graphical illustration showing the approximate coverage so you’ll know what you are looking at before going any further.

And once you are in Turkey, you’ll also have an in-person consultation in which your hair specialist will explain you the proposed plantation plan in detail and you’ll also have a chance to talk about your priorities. Once you approve the proposed plantation plan, the procedure will commence. And next day you’re going to have a quick check-up, receive necessary medications, and learn post-operative instructions including how to wash your hair for the next few weeks.

As far as FUE hair transplant procedures are concerned, there is actually no need to worry about the money that you will spend if you want to have the surgery in Turkey. This is due to the fact that the estimated price of this hair transplant surgery in Turkey just falls within your means. The reason is mainly the lower operative costs, real-estate costs, labor costs, and government support for bringing foreign currency.

If you are also looking for a hair loss treatment in Turkey; You may get a free assessment to learn your options by sending your pictures to Welfare Abroad hair specialists.

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