An FUE (follicular unit extraction) treatment procedure follows an extraction of individual follicular units from the skin. And then, the grafts will be removed from the donor area and will be implanted on the balding areas after they were counted and processed under a microscope.

Day by day Results

The very first day after the transplant, pinkish discoloration and redness in donor area and recipient area begins to fade. They still continue to be seen but they still fade gradually. Swelling around the eyes and forehead will begin on days two and three if you remove the provided headband before the advised time. Steroids are usually advised by some clinics to be taken between two to four days to help minimize the swelling.

FUE Hair Transplant after 5 Days

After five days, the grafts are actually taken but are not able to be dislodged. In the event that there is still scabbing, there is no need worry as it usually takes up to a month. So wait until then and inform your hair specialist if the scabs are not completely gone by then.

Fue Hair Transplant after 10 Days

Specifically, in day seven, most of those who have went through the procedure no longer show any signs of the procedure in their donor area. But this is not the same case for everyone as there are many variables like the number of grafts that was extracted during procedure and sensitivity of skin. Mild burning and some itching will be experienced during recovery period. This is now the point where potential signs of healing are observed.

Fue Hair Transplant after 2 Weeks

In the FUE hair transplant after 2 weeks, the hair follicles soon start to enter the resting phase. Then, they also begin to lose their hair shafts. There are also lesions that look like pimples on the donor area or transplanted area. They are mainly called as folliculitis. To best understand them, they behave just like ordinary pimples. They also subside without any intervention.

Fue Hair Transplant After 3 Weeks

After three weeks, some of the hairs start to shed. This is actually normal in this method of hair restoration procedure. The fullness regarding the shedding is also expected to be the final result. It actually has to wait nine to twelve months for the best results to show. Nevertheless, it can show its full appearance after six  or eight months. It can also be expected to be less full. There is a need to give it time, maybe nine to twelve months, to appreciate and see the best results.

Fue Hair Transplant after 1 Month

After one month of post operation or FUE hair transplant, there may still be some redness that can be noticed on the areas. It is best to keep in touch with the medical team and see if they have any advice to solve these problems.

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