Plastic Surgery Fails & Common Reasons​

Thousands of people chose to undergo plastic surgery procedures. There are several reasons why they choose to undergo plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery Fails

These reasons could go from eliminating the marks or scars from accidents or improving their personal features. Therefore, a plastic surgery may in a form of cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.

Every plastic surgery involves complications and specific risks like other operations. You need to understand that this is a kind of procedure which is very intensive. This means to say that no matter how experienced or skilled your physician is, the procedure still may fail.

On the other hand, there are several reasons why plastic surgery fails and to give you some, here are some of them:


Infection risks right after the cosmetic procedure are relatively low with the use of antibiotics. But, if infection occurs during the surgery, it is more likely that the whole procedure may fail and may put your life at risk.

Not Telling Plastic Surgeon Regarding the Supplements Your Taking

People who undergo surgery do not actually realize the effects of supplements they take on the injected anesthesia during the procedure. There are some supplements that could thin your blood and increase the chances of hemorrhage.

Other over the counter supplements and stimulants could also cause unexpected cardiac arrest. When you do not tell your plastic surgeon about the supplements you take is a big mistake and is very dangerous in your life. That is why Welfare Abroad always asks patients to fill out a medical form before the decision to book the medical travel package.

Smoking Habit

Some plastic surgeries fail because of the smoking habit of a patient. If the surgeon found out that you are a heavy cigarette smoker, there is a far better and greater chance to prevent them from undergoing on the procedure. Chain cigarette smokers are also known to have low content of oxygen in their blood, which may eventually lead to necrosis or poor healing. Lastly, it is known that the healing rate of smokers are lower than non-smokers.

Numbness and Nerve Damages

There are plastic surgery cases wherein the plastic surgery failure results in numbness and brain damages. The results are quite obvious particularly on the facial nerves. When your facial nerves are damaged, you usually show limited facial expressions. Apart from that, drooping is also evidently seen in your eyes and mouth. In these types of cases, patient needs to reach the closest medical institution with the epicrisis report that can be obtained by the surgeon conducted the operation.

Bad Scarring

The patients of tummy tuck and breast lifts believe that the experience and skills of their plastic surgeon can help them determine the extent of the surgery scar. Nevertheless, according to most medical experts and plastic surgeons, this depends on the genetics of patients on how exactly their scar after the surgery will look like. The size and shape of the scar is also determine depending on the patient’s body type and the job that needs to be done.

The same plastic surgery procedures can be carried out for different patients. Nevertheless, the scarring and healing process is still different. Those people who have darker complexion usually obtain visible scars than others.

These are just some of the reasons why most plastic surgery fails. There are still a lot more reasons wherein you need to be aware of to be able to obtain the healthiest and most successful results.

Welfare Abroad’s aim is to help patients choose the best surgeon and treatment plan available for them and accompany the patient during their whole journey, including their recovery period.

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