There are fifteen million people around the world who had undergone plastic surgery. Given this number, it cannot be denied that a few cases still had gone wrong. When you look at the worse plastic surgery, you would notice that it really wasn’t bad. For instance, Megan Fox began as a lovely personality. And then, she went through a plastic surgery to enhance her beautiful and stunning looks.

It is not a doubt that she still looks good and she is something that you can really be amazed of. In her new face that is consisted of individual parts such as eyebrows, apple cheeks and full lips, it can be said that when put together, they just do not work. Beauty is actually not about having the right parts. It is more on how every feature plays with another and complements with another. This is one of the very reasons why plastic surgery may go wrong. Certain parts do not just go right.

If you want a straighter or smaller nose, you will want to go to a plastic surgery and whittle it down. Now, your lips and eyes also do not seem just right. They, too, also go through certain adjustments. What does this exactly mean? This will force you to go through surgery addiction. In each alteration result, there are some areas that need to be fixed. Such a sort of balance must be thrown out in order to depict a gorgeous and beautiful face or body.

Each day, you will see people with normal faces. And then, suddenly after trying plastic surgery, they just had it all wrong. The pattern-spotting habit is very common and the process is in itself is worse.

Plastic surgery actually goes wrong because of a lot of reasons. This is because some have their body dysmorphic disorder which potentially causes it to go wrong. Even the stresses and the pressures of looking good also add up to the reasons why it just ended up wrong.

In addition, the incompetence of a surgeon is another contributing factor for it to just fail. If one has no wide expertise and knowledge about the procedure and does not really devote his passion in it, he could never ever promise an excellent plastic surgery. That’s why Welfare Abroad only works with most recommended plastic surgeons and make a double consultation (one is done remotely on photos and the other is done in-person).  Welfare Abroad plastic surgeons make sure that they understand what the patient actually wants and what is the best action to achieve a natural result.

Moreover, the lifestyle of a patient and the insecurity that one has contribute further to the results. Insecurity fuels one to try a plastic surgery even if it is not really promises beauty and balance. Even the greed of beauty is one thing which must be controlled among women. They need to accept themselves and be contented with what they already have. At the first place, beauty still lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Pre-existing conditions, gender and age are also among other factors why plastic surgery has gone wrong. Horrible nose jobs and icky facelifts are usually the worse things that could ever happen from such an imbalance.

Now, you have learned the reasons why plastic surgery goes wrong! If you are considering a plastic surgery or any type of treatment abroad, feel free to contact Welfare Abroad for a free initial assessment.

Originally posted 2017-10-13 10:52:54.