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Even if it seems like a difficult decision regarding the clinic selection for the liposuction treatment it can be really easy to choose a clinic when there is Welfare Abroad. I got all my answers before my travel to Turkey and thanks to Welfare Abroad’s professional staff my experience was flawless.
Bianca V., Liposuction, Ireland
I have kids and am 42 years old. I wanted to look like how I was in my 20s. I contacted Welfare Abroad for my breast surgery and they organized an online consultation with one of their surgeons. I described the doctor what I expected and he informed me in detail what will be done during the surgery and how my breasts would look like after. I even felt bad after asking too many questions but the surgeon answered my questions patiently. I guess this is one of the good parts of Welfare Abroad, they are only working with international patients so they can emphatize. After the consultation, I decided to go ahead with Welfare Abroad. I met my doctor in his very elegant clinic in a high-end district one day before for an in-person consultation and checked his before-after pictures while discussing about my surgery. I did not experience any problem with my procedure and aftercare. My doctor explained the post-op instructions step by step and the experienced team of Welfare Abroad followed up with me every month. I am very thankful to my surgeon and Welfare Abroad for their approach.
Juli Ann M., Breast Uplift, UK
I consulted Welfare Abroad regarding nose job. I had an unpleasant experience before so I was kinda of afraid to go for another one. Yet, my experience with Welfare Abroad was completely different from the previous one. They made everything to make me feel relaxed and secure. They offered me a free video consultation with the surgeon and also an in-person consultation in one of the two countries of my choice (Austria and Turkey). The consultation assured me that everything will go well and it really did! I would insist you to consider these people if you are planning to have a treatment abroad.
Ferzad K. , Rhinoplasty, Austria
As a businesswoman, I am usually on a plane to different parts of Europe and most of the time my schedule is tight. When I decided to have a liposuction, I just needed to arrange my operation date quickly and reached Welfare Abroad as soon as ready about them. I warned them about my limited time in Turkey and they were able to act professionally and arranged everything based on my flight dates. I was picked up from the airport and left to my 5 star hotel, which was at a walking distance to the surgeon’s clinic. I’d like to thank Welfare Abroad team for their fast, non-problematic and excellent service.
Katie S. , Liposuction, UK
Even thinking about a treatment abroad made me very nervous until I contacted Welfare Abroad. From the very first contact until returning home, they were always in touch with me and that really put my mind at ease and felt great. The Welfare Abroad team was perfect in putting my mind at rest and taking away my worries by taking care of all the details regarding my medical travel. I was welcomed at the airport, had a quick in-person consultation with my surgeon in his beautiful clinic and then rested in my boutique hotel. I could also get to experience both the modern and historical parts of great Istanbul! I’m very happy and pleased with my surgery results so far, thank you WA.
Sara K. , Breast Augmentation, Ireland
Everything went as discussed during my initial contact. Everything was organized as promised. No hidden costs. Waited for the results of my tummy tuck to post this review, and I’m glad to say that I’m very impressed and happy! I highly recommend Welfare Abroad.
Fiona Hay , UK – Tummy Tuck
I had my facelift procedure with Welfare Abroad last November. In the beginning I had some concerns regarding to travel and having my procedure abroad but from the first moment that I got in touch with Welfare Abroad I received an amazing service from them and they made my experience troubleless. Thank you Welfare Abroad!
Karen R. , Facelift, UK
We visit Turkey every year for holiday, especially the coastal parts. When I decided to have my cosmetic surgery, we thought “Why not have it in Istanbul and do some sightseeing as well”. That’s how we reached Welfare Abroad and they definetely exceeded our expectations. The location of our hotel and our surgeon’s clinic was just beatiful, in one of the luxuorus regions of Istanbul (Nisantasi). My breast surgery went great, couldn’t be happier with my new size. Lastly, being able to see my surgeon for a consultation in my home country (Austria) was one of the main reasons of our decision.
Lena C. , Breast Enlargement, Austria
If you are looking for a clinic which offers you a high quality treatment and a well prepared experience Welfare Abroad is the perfect choice for you. Before deciding which clinic I should have my tummy tuck procedure I had done a lot of research. When I discovered Welfare Abroad I made up my mind because they were offering a top class treatment by a European certified surgeon besides I had a chance to spent time in best part of Istanbul, Turkey. Thank you Welfare Abroad for everything!
Christina S., Tummy Tuck, UK

Richard as usual you’re a star 🙂 most appreciated

Musa, Rhinoplasty, UK.

What I’ve experienced at Welfare Abroad are; professional staff, honest consultation, detailed explanation, nice reception, quality treatment and good follow up. Worth the money for sure.

Nico Marras, Liposuction, Greece.

Richard was very responsive from the beginning of the enquiry and arranged airport pick up and hotel stay. Rest of the team was also friendly. The treatment was professional, served as planned. If you are considering an affordable treatment with mini holiday in Turkey, don’t decide before contacting Welfare Abroad.

Justin Burgess, Gynecomastia


It definetely worth going to Istanbul. Welfare Abroad seems to be one of the few companies who are focused on the patient’s experience, more than their money. My host Tona was also a great guy, he and the rest of the team were in touch before, during, and after my hair transplant and that made me feel like a star :)Anyone who is looking for a nice mini-holiday and a good treatment should consider Welfare Abroad.
Ahmed A., Hair Transplant, UK
Your service was great, the timing of airport transfers and hospitality of the hotel personnel was also pretty good. I’m already enjoying my new hair, thanks for everything Welfare Abroad team!
John W. , Hair Transplant, UAE
I found Welfare Abroad through a close friend who had an operation with them last year. After seeing his result, I was impressed and my initial assessment results also sounded good. Welfare Abroad team, especially Richard walked me through all the steps, helped me book my treatment, arranged my airport transfers and accommodation (I always loved concept hotels). Everything went smooth as described and no surprises. Thanks WA.
Alejandro M., Hair Transplant, Spain
I had my second hair transplant session with Welfare Abroad. My first session was done by a seemingly cheaper alternative, which resulted in a bad job. My experiences thought me that even the hair transplant procedure is simple, having it done by experienced hands like WA turns the whole medical travel into a dreamlike experience. Definetely suggested!
Salim O., Hair Transplantation, UK
At first It was a very hard decision for me to go to Turkey (or any other country actually) for hair transplant. However, after a quick research I found out that Turkey is pretty famous with their Hair Transplant treatments, so I started to look for an international clinic and ended up here at Welfare Abroad. This turned out to be a great decision and after 5 months, I can say that they really did a good job! I also had a great time in Istanbul, the clinic’s location, my accommodation, and transfer service was pretty good as well. I’m so glad meeting with you guys, hoping to catch up again sometime.
Adam R., Hair Transplant, UK
I am really happy with all my contact with Welfare Abroad. I would like to especially thank my host Burcu for her precious time, patience, and sincerity while helping me out during my clinic visits. I do recommend Welfare Abroad!
Micha C. , Hair Transplant, Sweden
WA team was so helpful from the first day, especially Richard, answered all my emails and questions very quickly. He helped me to decide to go ahead with hair transplant, not like persuading me to do it but acted as objectively as he could. The day I arrived I found the driver waiting on time in the airport, he took me to the hotel, which was a nice place. The next day before my procedure, met with my hair specialist and designed my hair lines together before the procedure. My hair transplant went amazing, and there is nothing I could complain. Great job guys, thanks again!
Mark T., Hair Transplant, Ireland
I definitely recommend Welfare Abroad for hair transplant, they are professional and their standard is as high as any EU country (even higher than most I can say).
Andre D. , Hair Transplant, Austria
It was an awesome experience for sure! The WA team is so friendly and informative. They made me feel at home, thanks guys. Also a special thanks to my case manager Richard for his exceptional guidance and support during my procedure. A big thanks to Welfare Abroad for my whole experience again!
Jones M. , Hair Transplant, UK
When I first contacted Welfare Abroad, they called me back shortly and started informing me about my planned treatment right ahead. Everyone in the team was very professional and informative, I did my best to bore them with all my questions but they never stopped answering me, a special thanks for that : ) They used every channel such as phone calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and Skype for perfect communication at every step of my medical travel. They also have been following up my recovery process starting from the first week after my operation, it was like as if I was their only patient which felt great. I must say I am quite impressed by Welfare Abroad’s service and care.
Ricardo F. , Hair Transplant, Spain
A relative of mine who also used Welfare Abroad recommended them to me. And our community have been getting bigger and bigger in Austria, Dr. Can Isler has been phenomenal and so far each of us had a great result. Thumbs up!
Albert H. , Hair Transplant, Austria
The treatment was pain free. I actually slept during most of the operation J but I have been welcomed and collected from the airport like my case manager Richard told me. First they brought me to a very cool concept hotel, had time to settle in my hotel room and enjoy a breakfast before my procedure time. All in all, everything was high class and went smoothly. I would recommend Welfare Abroad to anyone, especially for hair transplant since I only experienced that treatment.
Toni Giral , Hair Transplant, Ireland
I’m on my 5th month after the transplant and so far results are excellent, I’m more than happy. Thanks for everything Welfare Abroad (especially to my host Tona!)
Mark Holberg, Hair Transplant, UK
had hair transplant and nose job via Welfare Abroad. Service at hospital was nice and I’m satisfied with the price and the results after treatment. I’m also very satisfied by the hotel provided, the jazz concept was pretty cool and personnel were kind and made me feel welcome.
Steve Romi , Hair Transplant, Ireland
I’ve been operated with the method FUE with these people. I am happy with my experience and results so far. Thank you Welfare Abroad.
Asif Noran , Hair Transplant, UK
I arrived at Istanbul on Sunday and next day I went to meet my hair specialist for the FUE procedure. I met Dr. Can and his team before procedure, had a consultation where we planned my plantation together. My overall experience with treatment and rest of the services before and after my travel is very positive. I recommend Welfare Abroad and Dr. Can to everyone who is looking for hair transplant. I am also planning to visit Turkey again to increase my overall density.
John Mosef , Hair Transplant, UK
Exceptional treatment, nice welcome organization, and a very professional team. I am very happy with the end result. I recommend Welfare Abroad 100%.
Sahim Estera, Hair Transplant, UK

Everything was like we spoke before, no surprises. Welfare Abroad specialist (Can was his name I guess) transplanted about 3000 grafts, designed my hairline perfectly. I’m very happy with my new look, thanks WA.

Karim Navas , Hair Transplant, UK

I wanted to have hair transplantation for some time but I could not decide where to get it done. I made some research and found out that Turkey is pretty famous in this field, and the costs also seemed very affordable compared to what I’m offered in Finland. I’m glad that I got in touch with the Welfare Abroad team, they were very friendly, and helpful in all ways I could imagine.

The main thing differentiated them from the other clinics was that they actually accompanied me during my research instead of trying to sell themselves. I guess they were confident about the quality of their services but I didn’t know this at that time. Glad to see their reason now, and I highly recommend Welfare Abroad to anyone who is looking for a “treatment”.

Tapio F., Hair Transplant

I am very pleased with the service provided in Turkey. Still waiting for the result as it takes time for the hair to grow, yet from what I see until this day; I would strongly recommend Welfare Abroad, as the full team are highly professional and very cooperative.

Safir Hamdal, Hair Transaplant, UAE

Hello there, I had my hair transplant last year with Welfare Abroad. I’m really very satisfied and happy with my new hairs! Thank you doctor for the great job.

Mike Sutman, Hair Transplant, Canada
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