Jawline Surgery (Bichectomy) in Turkey

Start your journey to a more refined profile and regain your confidence with jawline surgery! High cheekbones and a strong jawline have long been hallmarks of classic beauty. These features can frame the face and provide balance, emphasizing your natural charm. An under-defined chin may accentuate other facial aspects, like the nose, making them seem larger.

Bichectomy in Turkey

From Consultation to Recovery: The Jawline Surgery Turkey Journey

Your journey towards a more refined contour starts with a consultation. In Turkey, expert surgeons will attentively comprehend your aesthetic aspirations and evaluate your health history. Our surgeons will clearly explain the possible outcomes of the surgery, ensure that both parties' expectations are aligned, and advise on how to maintain permanent results.

Bichectomy in Turkey

The Jawline Surgery Procedure

Jawline surgery techniques vary according to individual needs. During a standard jawline surgery, an incision is made inside the mouth and part of the buccal fat pad is removed. This process helps achieve a more defined jawline.

In cases where cheek augmentation is also desired, custom-fitted cheek implants are inserted through an incision above the gum line in the patient's mouth. This helps achieve a more naturally contoured facial appearance. Furthermore, your surgeon might also suggest combining this procedure with rhinoplasty to ensure a harmonious facial balance.

Bichectomy in Turkey

Post-Operation and Aftercare

Post-operative care is crucial for a smooth recovery from jawline surgery. Specific instructions, such as maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding strenuous activities, and dietary adjustments, will be provided. Your commitment to these guidelines ensures the best possible results and a seamless healing process.

Remember, while the surgery can significantly enhance your jawline and cheekbones, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount for long-lasting results.

Bichectomy (Jawline Surgery)

Turkey’s Role in Jawline Surgery Procedures

It's hard to talk about achieving remarkable results and world-class expertise in jawline surgeries, without mentioning the importance of Turkey in medical tourism. Known for its excellent medical facilities, skilled surgeons, and commitment to exceptional results at affordable prices, Turkey has become the ideal destination for jawline surgery.

At Welfare Abroad, we handle the research, transport, and accommodation for your jawline surgery in Turkey. We work with top-rated medical professionals in state-of-the-art facilities that prioritize comfort and safety while offering the latest advancements. Check testimonials, results, have a free consultation, or chat with previous patients.

Contact us today and let the transformation begin.

Bichectomy (Jawline Surgery) in Turkey

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