Have questions about Welfare Abroad or Medical Travel?

You must have questions about a lot of things, which is normal. We know by experience that it is not an easy decision to travel abroad especially for medical reasons. That’s why we have gathered some of the frequently asked questions we received from our patients. If your questions are treatment specific, please see the related treatment’s page for your answers.

If your questions are not listed below, feel free to contact us via Livechat, Email, Whatsapp, or Viber.

Welfare Abroad is a leading Medical Tourism facilitiator that has special discounted agreements with highly experienced and reputable medical specialists.
You may check Turkey’s evisa website on the link for the requirements of visa https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/
Your patient service manager will send your pre-operative instructions before your travel. If you read those instructions and follow them that would be more than enough.
A private chauffeur will be provided for your transfers. The chauffeur will hold a sign that your name is written on it and he will meet with you at the airport.
For hair transplantation procedures you will need to stay 2-3 nights in Turkey. For the cosmetic surgeries required day of stay will be informed by our medical travel agents before your travel.
The necessary medications until leaving Turkey will be provided at the clinic after your treatment.
You don’t need to get any tests unless it has been asked from your specialists. All the necessary test will be run before your treatment.
You will have an international patient host who will meet with you at the treatment day. You will also be provided with a patient handbook which will help you to communicate with the staff.
Our medical team will make sure if you are able to travel after your treatment. The total days of stay will be informed before your travel to Turkey.
A travel insurance is recommended for our patients but its not mandatory.
We can arrange a Skype meeting with the specialists before you travel for your medical treatment.
Of course, if you would like to speak some of our previous patients who had given their consent to us we may share their contact details and you may speak with them to learn their experience with Welfare Abroad.
We have a wide selection of hotels which are very close to the clinic.
All the accommodation options comes with a bed and breakfast concept. You may try local cuisine for your lunch and dinners.
During your stay, you may call your patient service manager anytime whenever you have a question.
The internal transfers are not included in standard packages. We highly recommend to use local taxis for internal transfers which is very safe and with reasonable pricing.
Turkish government and Ministry of Health promotes inflow of foreign currency. Welfare Abroad is one of the companies that is eligible for government support with the amount of patients brought to Turkey for various type of treatments. The same reason also let’s us negotiate for the best prices from surgeons and specialists.