A shapely, full Brazilian butt booty is one of today`s most desired physical attributes and unfortunately few of us are born with this feature. Even exercising and diets may not always earn the butt we desire with perfect round bubble look.

The Brazilian butt lift technique is performed using liposuction. During the procedure fat is removed from areas where you don`t want it (i.e. your tummy, waist, back or thighs) and is being transferred into the buttocks area. The unique advantage of this technique is that it slims the area with excess fat and resulting in an attractive and natural profile with curves in all the right places.

Because of the skin is so tight after Brazilian butt lift procedure, sitting must be performed very carefully for the first few weeks following the procedure. Also your surgeon may recommend that you combine the Brazilian butt lift procedure with a liposuction and breast uplift surgery, which can gain you the figure that you always desire.

Butt Lift
The best candidates are patients who are aged between 20 to 35. The patient needs to have a fatty tissue so that the surgeon can take them from the related parts of your body and transfer it to your buttocks for the lift procedure.
As mentioned above, it can be done via fat transfer, by putting a butt implant or a combination of both.
In a few months after the procedure, the body will absorb around half of the transferred amount so you will lose some of the volume. But this doesn’t mean that you will lose the full effect of the operation.
You can go back to work after a week but it is strongly advised to avoid excessive physical activities for 4 to 6 weeks.