With aging, the effect of gravity, post-pregnancy or after severe weight-loss your breasts can lose their firmness. Once the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts start losing their shape, firmness, and begin to sag. If you are looking for a solution to one of the above conditions and if non-surgical alternatives do not help, you may consider having a breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery.

A breast uplift, also known as a mastopexy, is the way to restore the breast back to where it’s original position. The sagging mostly results from overstretched skin. Mastopexy surgery removes the excess skin and tightens breast tissue so the breast can stand upright.

Also your surgeon may recommend that you combine the mastopexy procedure with breast augmentation, which can gain you a fullness on your breast.

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Breast Uplift
Any size of breast is suitable for the Breast Uplift procedure. Usually the patients with small and sag breasts get the best results.
Breast Uplift operation is done under general anaesthesia like other breast procedures and the patient sleeps during the operation.
Breast Uplift operation usually takes 1,5 to 2 hours.
Yes, you may have implants during the procedure. In cases where breast uplift and augmentation is done together; the implants are usually placed under the breast tissue or even deeper below the muscles.
It is advised to stay at the hospital for the night of the operation.
You may have swelling, bruising, and discomfort for one or two days after the operation but heavy aching is not expected. Provided medicine will be enough for any type of discomfort you may experience.
After the breast uplift procedure, there would be micro scars around the nipple and/or below the nipple but these heal pretty well. After the following 2-3 months the scars would be barely visible.
The healing period will take it’s time. You may go back to work after 4 to 5 days but you should avoid lifting objects above your head for 3 weeks time. It is also advised to avoid coercive sport activities and sexual activities for a week.
Both breast uplift procedure and the breast enlargement procedure (putting implants) doesn’t change the probability of breast cancer.