Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid lift surgery demands has been rising for the last couple of years. This is also due to natural flow of our ageing process, the muscles supporting our eyelids get weaker. As a result, extra fat may occur above and/or below our eyelids. And this may cause droopy upper eyelids, bags under eyes, and/or saggy eyebrows.

An eyelid lift surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove skin and to add or remove fat from the eyelids. There are two types of eyelid lift surgery:

In upper eyelid lift surgery in order to remove excess skin and fat, incisions would be necessary. For keeping incision scars invisible, thin stitch is used to bring the skin together on natural fold. And lower eyelid lift surgery can involve skin incisions directly below the lash line or an incision on the inside of the eyelid, this is called a transconjunctival approach.

Eyelid lift surgery can be done alone, or combined with other procedures such as forehead lift, face lift surgery, or rhinoplasty.

Eyelid operation procedure is performed in TUV SUD certified hospital.

Welfare Abroad surgeons perform blepharoplasty operations under local or general anaesthesia depending on patient’s situation.

Eyelid operation usually lasts 1 to 1,5 hours. If both upper and lower eyelids will be operated generally operation starts from lower eyelids.

You will be required to stay 5 to 7 days in Turkey for blepharoplasty operation.

When the effects of anesthesia get lower down, you may start to feel minor pain but these pain can be prevented by the painkillers that will be provided by Welfare Abroad surgeons.
You can start to read magazines and watch TV in 2-3 days. You need to stay away from using contact lenses 2-3 weeks. Even after that time your contact lenses may give you discomfort. Many of our patients go back to their daily routine in 7 days. There might be little sensitivity to sunlight, wind other irritating factors for a couple of weeks therefore you can wear a sunglass and use special sun creams when going out.

Like every surgical procedure there might minor bleeding or infection after eyelid operation. If you will follow post operative instruction that will be given by Welfare Abroad doctors, you can minimize that risks.