Gynecomastia is a medical term to describe unusually large breasts or mammary glands in males. In many cases, gynecomastia results in secretion of milk too. This term has origins in the Greek language where gyne means woman and mastos means breast. According to official statistics, about 50% of men are dealing with this problem to some extent. What is interesting is that in some cases only one of the breasts is affected.

Gynecomastia Reasons

Even though scientists have not yet determined the exact cause of gynecomastia, but they generally agree that sex hormone imbalance is one of the main triggers of this health issue. In other words, things like excessive use of steroids, puberty, tumors, liver disease, obesity and specific genetic disorders and problems can lead to hormonal imbalance and eventually to gynecomastia. There were reports that some men experienced such problems when they’ve used certain pharmaceuticals.

The aging process can affect the state and condition of breasts in men too. Doctors need the help of X-rays and specially designed medical examination to properly diagnose this medical condition. In addition, doctors advise men with gynecomastia to take periodic blood tests to check irregularities. Even though there are some natural remedies to ease this problem, Welfare Abroad surgeons believe that the most efficient way to stop this occurrence is to get gynecomastia surgery.

There are reports which suggest that weight loss can significantly improve this situation, but this is only true for some cases of gynecomastia resulting from obesity. So, the most convenient and efficient treatment is gynecomastia surgery. This simple procedure includes removal of excess glandular tissue and fat from this area. There are situations when some of the skin in this area needs removal too in order to make the chest stronger. The perfect candidate for this surgery is a healthy (both physically and mentally) man who have elastic skin that can shape once the procedure is finished.

Doctors usually advise obese individuals to try losing weight naturally before they opt for this treatment. Men with gynecomastia who drink lots of alcohol and smoke weed need to quit their unhealthy habits before they get a surgery.

A consultation with a doctor who is experienced in this area is a must before someone decides to undergo gynecomastia surgery. So please contact us for an initial assessment by the Welfare Abroad surgeons. Our doctors will tell you the grade of your gynecomastia, the technique that your condition requires and everything you need to do before and after the surgery. Welfare Abroad surgeons usually advise special diets, the medications required and will ask you to stop smoking and drinking some time before the surgery is conducted.

Patients usually stay in the hospital after the surgery to make sure everything is alright once the procedure is finished. The surgery usually doesn’t last more than 90 minutes. It takes about one month for men to completely recover and continue their regular activity after the surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery is a safe procedure that has the ability to improve the appearance of men who have unusually large breasts.

Check out a gynecomastia patient’s self made video expressing his thoughts and experience with Welfare Abroad.