For most of the people losing weight and achieving the figure they desire require a combination of healthy eating with regular exercise. But some areas can still have stubborn fat cells even with a good amount of exercise and dieting. So If you have a localised area of fat, it is possible to get rid of fat cells with Liposuction surgery.

Liposuction (sometimes also referred to as lipoplasty or liposculpture) is a cosmetic surgery aiming to remove fat from various sites around the human body (from the abdomen, thighs, neck, arms, etc.).

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is also one that is steadily on the rise, with both more women and men seeking the procedure today than ever before. Research conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) revealed that in 2014 there was a 7% increase in liposuction surgery enquiries, with the rise expected to continue into the next years. Welfare Abroad specialists believe that these numbers are even more for people who prefer going abroad for a more affordable treatment.

If you`re one of the millions of people considering the procedure, this article will briefly highlight some key points about the whole process (such as liposuction surgery cost abroad) and can serve as a guideline to further research into the area (for example into the different lipoplasty types).

Who Needs Liposuction Surgery and Why?

Liposuction surgery is not a typical overall weight-loss method. You may be a candidate if you have too much body fat in specific spots but otherwise have a stable body.

If you`ve ever seen before after pictures, then you know the aim of the liposuction surgery is typically aesthetic. Often, when an individual is unable to lose a desired amount of weight through a healthy diet or various exercise regimens, liposuction offers a quick, effective and sustainable solution to refining the body shape and achieving ideal contours.

Is Multiple Surgery an option?

Liposuction surgery can be a standalone operation or it can be a multiple surgery by combining tummy tuck. In order to make this decision, Welfare Abroad surgeons need to see the patients in person or at least see their related pictures.

The Liposuction Procedure

Before the procedure, Welfare Abroad surgeon will draw marks on the patient`s body to indicate where the treatment will occur and will often take photographs of the area for liposuction before after pictures. Liposuction surgery usually requires patients to be under general anaesthetic throughout the procedure but an epidural (Local anaesthesia) can also be a choice sometimes for lower body procedures.

There are several different liposuction types and here are some of the most popular liposuction techniques:

  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Wet Liposuction
  • Super-wet Liposuction
  • Dry Liposuction
  • Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL) or Ultrasonic Liposuction
  • Power-assisted Liposuction (PAL) or Powered Liposuction
  • Laser-assisted Liposuction (LAL) or Laser-guided Liposuction

The procedures can take anywhere from one to four hours, depending on individual cases. After the procedure, the patient is fitted with support bandages and is usually given antibiotics and painkillers.

The Recovery Period

After the surgery, patients usually have some degree of bruising, swelling and pain that gradually subsides with time. The patient will not be able to appreciate the full effects of the procedure until all the swelling has subsided, which can take anywhere from 2 weeks to about a month (depending on the procedure). During this period Welfare Abroad patient services team will be in touch with the patient and follow-up with the surgeon.

The Cost Of Liposuction

Liposuction cost can vary from place to place and can depend on the scale of the procedure. Surgeries done in the U.S., U.K. and within the E.U tend to be more on the pricey side, when compared to other countries around the world – this has lead to many patients seeking treatment abroad.

For those looking into the costs of liposuction treatment abroad, as well as the quality of the service and the credentials of various institutions and surgeons in different countries, Turkey has been one of the most popular destinations. Turkey has served as a popular treatment spot for those looking for affordable, high quality cosmetic surgeries and a peaceful, enjoyable holiday to spend their recovery time in style. So if you`re considering treatment abroad then looking into Turkey will definitely be worth your while!


A person with normal weight or about %10 above their normal weight, who has rigid and elastic skin structure but has overaccumulation of fat on their specific areas are the best candidates. Physically healthy people with all ages are suitable for the operation.
It can be done on every area that has overaccumulation of fat. It helps reforming of many areas including tummy, bum, neck, flanks, cheeks, chin, and so on.

It is advised to not take more than %10 of the patient’s weight. Patients should keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight loss method.

If you are going to have liposuction on one or two areas only, the surgeon may prefer local anaesthesia with some sedatives. But for those who are going to have liposuction on more than two areas, the procedure is done under general anaesthesia.

The amount of time required for the procedure depends on the liposuction areas’ size, amount of fat, and anaesthesia type. The average duration would range between half an hour to two hours.

Depending on the size of  areas, you may need to stay at the hospital for one night. But in most cases, the patients feel good enough to leave the hospital in a few hours following the procedure.

To prevent edema and help your skin to adapt your new body lines; for a few weeks after the operation, you need to use an elastic corset that fits your liposuction areas fully.

The healing process will take some time depending on your liposuction areas’ sizes and the amount of fat taken. In order to prevent swelling and blood clots, it is advised that the patient starts taking walks as soon as possible. You will start feeling better in about a week and you may go back to work in two days following your procedure.

Since your body will be in a healing period, you should avoid heavy activities for about a month. Lastly, the swelling and bruising will be healed in three weeks.

The scars resulting from liposuction are very minimal and our surgeons do their best to make them less visible.
There is a certain amount of fat cells in our body. The reason of deformation is not the amount of fat cells but enlargement of those fat cells. And since the number of fat cells are being lowered and matched with the rest of the body; there won’t be over-accumulation on the areas of operation again.

There would be an immediate change in your body shape just after the operation. The result will be more visible after the swelling goes away in about 4 to 6 weeks but usually after 3 months most patients reach their final result with the disappearance of the swellings.

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