Celebrity Hair Transplants​ and Hair Transplant in Turkey

Balding is a common feature among men, especially if you are a male during midlife periods. If you happen to belong to this class of balding men and suffer from uncontrollable hair loss, then you are in the right place, reading this article about hair transplant abroad.

Celebrity Hair Transplants

After all, this is also about your career (where thick and healthy hair can make a world of difference).

Some of the prominent studies in career progression and success suggest that you stand a better chance of higher success in your professional outlook and love life with a nice bush of hair on your top. This is truer for celebrities, where personal charisma sells and careers can droop or elate with looks.

There is an emerging trend among celebrities to opt for hair transplant (to restore their natural look) and more and more celebrities are opting for hair loss treatment abroad. There are many reasons for this surge in hair transplant abroad; quality and lesser expense are two of the more prominent ones.

Many celebrities chose to have hair restoration abroad. Some of them are: John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Bono, Sean Penn, Elton John, Jude Law, David Beckham, Gordon Ramsay, Sylvester Stallone, Dennis Miller, Robbie Williams, Tom Arnold, Rob Brydon, Louis Walsh, James Nesbitt, Gordon Ramsay, and Jason Gardiner.

Hair Transplant Abroad

There is no denying the fact that the most successful treatment for baldness is hair transplantation. Having said that, we wish it were an affordable option in the western world. Unfortunately, it is prohibitively expensive. Thus, even the celebrities are opting for hair loss treatment abroad.

So! Should we live with an empty top for the rest of our lives, just because we can’t afford it in our country? What other choices are there?

Of all the hair transplant abroad destinations, Turkey seems to offer one of the highest quality treatments while being an economical option for hair loss treatment abroad as well.

How Turkey is the best “Hair loss treatment abroad” option?

There are many advantages of choosing Turkey as your hair transplant abroad option. Here are some of them:

  • Owing to its proximity to Europe, it is way easier and cheaper to visit Turkey for your hair restoration abroad.
  • In recent past, the medical facilities in Turkey have been revolutionized and hair loss treatment industry in Turkey has seen immense development in the last 10 years.
  • As Turkey is now a hub of hair loss treatment, there is huge international traffic with millions of people travelling to seek hair transplant in Turkey. So you won’t feel like a stranger as you may in some other countries that offer affordable treatments.

Fue Hair Transplant – a recommended technique in Turkey

For all those smart men who pick Turkey as their hair transplant abroad destination, the most recommended option is FUE hair transplant in Turkey. It is based on two reasons:

  • FUE hair transplant technique is the least painful, with the least scarring, economical and result oriented technique.
  • FUE hair transplant in Turkey is presently one of the most practised and well-developed hair restoration techniques. Many internationally renowned hair specialists are successfully providing services to countless international clients seeking FUE hair transplant abroad.

Bottom Line

Hair transplant abroad is the most recommended fix for an inexpensive but effective way to restore our hair. Those who are seeking hair transplant, feel free to contact Welfare Abroad for a total hassle-free experience.

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