Hair Loss Prevention Tips

You may have had it with all those fancy pills and potions advertised on the internet and looking for real stuff regarding the reasons, slowing methods, or solutions to stop hair loss (or even restore your look).

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

For this reason above, Welfare Abroad hair transplant/restoration specialists gathered some interesting information about variable reasons of hair losses:

Scalp Health’s Effect on Hair Loss

A recent research showed that dandruff or flaky scalps increases rate of hair loss. As a solution to this, Welfare Abroad hair loss specialists suggest patients to a use a scalp mask once a week (if possible). In addition, it is best if you use a special shampoo for every day for a week until the scalp is cleared, then occasionally for adequate control.


Excessive stress can also cause hair loss in the form of alopecia aerate. Hair specialists advise any type of hobby that you find interesting or that takes your mind off things causing you stress are beneficial. Examples would be trekking, cycling, reading, short distance travels for sightseeing, etc.

Exercising has also positive effect on hair, being fit and eating good is also reflected in your hair. Besides, sweating and frequent cleaning your hair is also going to be beneficial.

According to Welfare Abroad hair loss/restoration specialists, one of the most important factors in preventing hair loss is adequate iron storage, which is called Ferritin. This helps to maximize hair growth, whereas low levels would cause hair loss.

Lastly, hair is made of 85% protein and is the second most prolific growing cell in the body; so, its demand for energy is high. For this reason, it is essential to eat proteins for hair strength as part of a moderately balanced diet.

It is advised not to leave it too long between meals. Eating every 3-4 hours can help prevent hair loss since the energy to form hair cells diminish four hours after eating a meal, so snacking between meals will help boost energy levels. (fruits would be a good pick)

If your hair loss has slowed down/finalized (you may get a free assessment to learn your current phase by sending your pictures to Welfare Abroad specialists), you may be looking for restoring your good old look.

In an age that even the celebrities that are on TV every day are getting a hair transplant without the fear of having bad results, you have every reason to consider hair transplantation with the recent advances in the procedure and highly affordable prices abroad. The research that the famous clinic finder website also proves that there has been %260 increase in hair transplant patients and %180 increase in the number of patients that are going abroad for an affordable solution/holiday combination.

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