Hair-Loss and FUE Technique​

It is a nightmare for lots of people, especially men. Because hair is one of the top specialties for a man as an aesthetic element.

Hair-Loss and FUE Technique​


Hair-loss is not seen only in older ages. As Welfare Abroad hair specialists’ years of experience, starting even from 18 to 20 ages, we have seen hair-losses near bald states.

Genetic factors are told about hair-loss, but again we experienced depression and other psychologic factors, shampoos and other materials applied to hair, eating habits and environmental factors are very effective too. Besides hurts (burns, accidents etc.) And radiotherapy for brain cancers cause huge losses. You should also know that more than 100 units of hair-loss is considered as pathological.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique

Against hair-loss, this method is very popular as the best technique in present.

In FUE hair transplantation technique, hair stems between two ears in back are removed with caution by a micro-motor (which has 0.6 to 1 mm punch). These stems kept in a special liquid which keeps the grafts alive and foster their strength. Once the channels are opened, these grafts are then implanted to the planned plantation area with great care without harming them.

By the achievements in hair transplantation, grass-men are in the history now. If extraction and implanting are done with caution and gently, and if the patient follows the after-care instructions as provided by the hair-loss specialist. The implanted hair stems will live and grow by an estimated ratio of 95-98%. If the patient does not experience something extreme and the patient will never lose the hair again.

To get an idea about hair transplant treatment abroad and for an initial assessment by Welfare Abroad hair restoration specialists, contact us and get a free quote!

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