Still Losing Hair? What May Be the Reasons?

Most researchers, including Welfare Abroad hair specialists, believe that there are many reasons of losing hair. In most cases, however, the hormones are responsible for hair loss.

Still Losing Hair? What May Be the Reasons?

Fluctuations in hormone levels through the menopause or after stopping the pill very often leads women to thinner hair and losing hair regionally. Whereas men usually develop the famous receding hairline, because of their roots’ reaction to genetic causes, men are sensitive to their own sex hormones. Likewise, stress and medications can cause losing hair or in other words, alopecia.

Can hormones lie behind losing hair?

Welfare Abroad hair restoration/transplant specialists believe that hormones are by far the most common reason for hair loss in both men and women. Most research went into genetic component of Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Research indicated that susceptibility to premature male pattern baldness is largely the cause of sex-influenced inheritance (because males can pass on the trait to their sons which would be impossible if it were x-linked).

An excess of male hormones, androgens, the male is characterized by a so-called receding hairline. Through a hormone test can be distinguished whether the excess of male hormones affect the entire body or only single points like the head region. If the male hormones in the body increases, the intake of an anti-androgen can be observed.

Male baldness occurs because of a certain gene and inheritance. Men firstly lose hair around the temples and the crown. The oversensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) causes hair loss. Hair follicles get thinner and they eventually fall down.

The thyroid-related hair loss also belongs to this category. Over- or under-active thyroid can result in losing hair, which is maintained until the hormonal balance is balanced again. That’s why Welfare Abroad hair loss specialists may sometimes ask for our patients to do some extra tests in order to investigate the reason of their hair loss and suggest the most suitable treatment available.

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